McGill’s senior leaders have just come back from their trip to the United Capital group conference, UC22, which this year was held in Dubai.

Now, I’ll admit that as HR Manager, when someone mentioned lifting the entire senior leadership team out of the business for a few days, my mind started racing with some of the potential pitfalls. Now that we’re back I can safely say, I was worrying for absolutely nothing, and that the positives far outweighed the negatives, so much so that I’m already looking forward to the opportunities that will come out of UC23.

As it turns out, this group of people, who work hard and sometimes seem to be surgically attached to their phones and laptops, were able to focus on the task at hand in Dubai, which was to build stronger relationships across the group, dream up new and different ways of approaching old problems, and to be inspired by the fast-paced nature of Dubai, a city which has been built from the ground up to the world’s most iconic skyline in just a handful of decades.

We can all get stuck in the daily grind of emails, meetings, and deadlines, and it makes it difficult to lift our heads and see what’s really possible. But for leaders, that IS the job. Leadership isn’t getting into the office, closing your door behind you and spending the day in problem solving mode; instead, it’s about finding time and space to work out what YOUR vision as a leader is, communicate that well, then inspiring your best people to get on board with it, and work towards it relentlessly with you.

If you do that, problems are shared and solved by teams of committed people, not stressed-out individuals burning the midnight oil. The biggest, wildest ideas can be implemented by people with the energy they found when they stepped away from their desks and their daily task list. Relationships can be forged that spark creative ways of tackling old issues, and colleagues can be appreciated for what they bring to the table, when you see them in a new light.

Great leadership is a huge investment for any company, but it’s ultimately what’ll set your business apart from the competition. With UC22 under our belts, we’re collectively focused on seeing what we can achieve before UC23 comes around, and we’re as motivated as we’ve ever been.