Planning Application Submissions & Creation of Planning Drawings for Wind Farm Developer

Client Vigor Renewables
Contract Value £50k Consultancy Fees
Consulting Engineer McGill

McGill was approached by the client Vigor Renewables via their turbine supplier and invited to prepare planning drawings and submit full planning applications for their ‘Wind Crofting’ proposals across the country.

The project consists of three main stages; creation of planning drawings and photomontages, planning pre-consultation and planning submission.

  • Creation of planning drawings and photomontages
    • Design engineers and CAD team design the site layout and prepare planning drawings including photomontages for Client approva
  • Planning pre-consultatio
    • Pre-application discussions with bodies such as the LPA, SNH, MOD, CAA and OFCOM
    • Confirmation as to whether an Environmental Impact Assessment would be required is requested from the Local Planning Authority
  •  Planning submission
    • Planning application is prepared and submitted
    • Planning consultants monitor the application throughout the process and address any issues raised

McGill Renewables were able to secure the contract due to the staff’s prior working relationship and reputation with the turbine supplier who recommended our services to help ease their heavy workload of planning submissions.

More recently we have also been asked to manage 3rd party specialists such as noise consultants and ecologists on behalf of our client.

The first two planning applications have been submitted after completion of a lengthy and detailed consultation process. We also have 11 other sites which are going through the first two stages and will progress to Planning submission.

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