Design of RC Pad Foundations for Small Scale Wind Turbines

Client Proven Energy
Contract Value £2k Consultancy Fees

Small scale wind turbine manufacturer Proven Energy approached us to perform a structural review of their current standard foundation portfolio in order to provide a leaner and more cost effective solution to their growing customer base.

The brief required that a separate foundation option be considered for each of the present turbine configurations offered by the Client. In all, 3No designs were provided to cover 6kW and 15kW turbines on either a 9m or 15m support pole.

Initially each of the existing foundation designs was fully assessed by our qualified engineering team. Stage 1 involved verifying the compliance of the existing design against relevant current British Standards. Stage 2 focussed on identifying areas within the design where cost savings could potentially be made in terms of reinforcement, concrete volume or both. All design work, supporting structural calculations and CAD drawings were completed by our in-house team.

In all cases we were able to reduce the materials required within each design thereby offering a considerably more cost effective product for our Client. In addition, construction costs were reduced as a result of the simplified design.

The ability of McGill Renewables to secure this contract with one of the market leaders in small scale wind was largely due to the enviable reputation which McGill personnel have established for providing a reliable, friendly and professional service together with economic design solutions for the renewables industry.

Key features

  • Competitive rates
  • Work completed fully in-house by qualified staff
  • Cost effective design

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