Site Searching & Land Acquisition for Wind Farm Developer

Client e-Gen Partners Ltd
Contract Value £200k Consultancy Fees
Consulting Engineer McGill

e-Gen Partners Ltd approached invited us to search a trial area for landowners who would be interested in a wind turbine development on their land.

The work consists of two main stages; site searching and negotiating ‘Heads of Terms’ (HOT). The first stage requires our acquisition consultants to search a designated area of land given to us by our client, to find landowners interested in leasing land for installation of wind turbines. A report is created, detailing all potential options.

The client then reviews the report and selects viable sites that he would like to proceed with “Heads of Terms” on. This requires our acquisition consultants to negotiate with landowners the basis of the terms to be inserted into a formal legal agreement.

From the initial meeting with the Client the focus was clearly on serving the community by providing energy solutions to businesses with high energy demands and to landowners who are keen to upgrade the value of their land. Our client typically install wind turbines in small groups (1-3 machines) and usually on land that the typical wind farm developer has overlooked. This enables them to deliver effective solutions to businesses and landowners who would otherwise miss out.

McGill Renewables were able to secure the contract due to the efficiency in searching the trial area and subsequently the quality of the report submitted. We have currently agreed HOTs with approximately 20 landowners across Scotland.  We have another 50 which have been selected as acceptable by the client and we are currently negotiating HOTs with them.

Key features

  • Low associated expenditure
  • All work is completed by McGill employees 

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