Social Housing Water HygieneAt McGill, we offer complete water hygiene services to local authorities and social housing providers for their offices and care homes to ensure they remain compliant with all the latest legislation surrounding water systems.

In care homes and sheltered accommodation, elderly people are particularly vulnerable to the risk of contracting Legionella bacteria which can cause the pneumonia-like Legionnaires Disease.

To ensure your residents are safe, our highly experienced water hygiene operatives will visit your property and complete a risk assessment and devise a comprehensive compliance regime.

We can advise you of any changes that may need to be made to your system and regularly update the required log book.

Failure to comply with the latest water system legislations to control Legionella can result in prosecutions.

Social Housing Water HygieneOur range of water hygiene services include: 

  • ACop L8 Risk Assessment
  • ACop L8 Water System Monitoring
  • ACop L8 Legionella Control & Water Hygiene Maintenance
  • Water Tank cleaning & disinfection
  • Water system chlorination
  • Thermostatic mixing valve maintenance
  • “Dead-leg” Removal

Get in touch with the team at McGill today to find out more about our water hygiene services and ensure that those using your properties are protected from contracting Legionella bacteria.