One year on…

A year ago, the City of Dundee was dealt a devastating blow when news broke that building services and construction company, McGill had entered administration with the loss of over 440 jobs.

Fast forward 12 months and the company that was saved by businessman Graeme Carling, continues to go from strength to strength.

After re-building McGill over the past 12 months, company CEO Graeme Carling discusses the scale of the challenge;

“McGill entering administration was a big deal, despite rumours going around, few believed they would ever go under. By sheer coincidence I was in the Apex Hotel for a meeting when the administrators called in the staff to break the news. I vividly remember the atmosphere in the hotel as over 400 people were told they no longer had a job. We engaged with the administrators immediately and started negotiating the purchase of the company, I didn’t want McGill to join the long list of companies that disappeared after administration.”

“The company continues to grow, from starting with no employees and no contracts, we now have around 70 directly employed staff, have won a number of multi-million pound contracts, opened depots in Aberdeen and Glasgow and invested significant sums of money in our head office in Dundee. Our team have achieved a lot since I bought the company, I am proud of where we are and look forward to the year ahead.”