Bringing Cost of Heating down by Going Up

Bringing Cost of Heating down by Going Up

The trend of tackling fuel poverty by modernising multi storey developments across Scotland continues and McGill have recently been awarded a £3m contract with Southside Housing Association in Glasgow to install a gas fired district heating system to serve each of the 218 properties spread across three blocks, followed up upgrades to the heating system within each property.

In July McGill completed a similar 40 week, £3.2m project at the Dallfield Multi Storey Development in Dundee, comprising four existing 14 storey blocks each containing 84 tenanted apartments. Partially funded by Scottish Gas, McGill designed and installed a district heating system to serve the four blocks including the construction of the energy centre and installation of underground distribution pipework to each of the 4 tower blocks. The existing flats were originally heated by electric storage heaters, with the hot water being provided by an immersion heater in the hot water cylinder.


McGill are currently working on the Lochee Multi Storey Developments also comprise four existing 14 storey blocks, each containing 84 apartments, where similar improvements are being made in terms of installing an energy efficient heating system, modern kitchen and bathroom, external insulation and cladding. This £3.5m project commenced in May and is due to complete by December 2012.

Scottish Gas also partially funded this project. Insulation and cladding of the outside walls was undertaken on both developments to reduce heat-loss and give the blocks a whole new appearance.

The Dallfield project has attracted international interest with a visit in October from a high powered delegation of academics, engineers and experts on older people from Japan. The group of experts from the Japanese Centre for Better Living, Tokyo Gas, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology and Tokyo University of Science have included the project as one of a handful they are visiting in the UK to see if they can replicate such success.

As a result of the upgrade demand for properties has increased and 85% of people offered a home there now accept at the first offer, compared with only 15% before the initiative began. 

Martin Hay, Residential Operations Director commented,

It is wonderful to see some of these iconic buildings saved and revamped across Scotland. Whilst there has been a trend in recent years to demolish them to make way for more modern housing, these buildings are part of Scotland’s housing heritage and it is wonderful to see them become a part of comfortable, modern living.

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