Main contractor McGill is investing in the future of the company by welcoming its latest intake of apprentices. Kickstarting their careers with McGill this week are Jay Conway and Rhys Vannet, who are both ready to begin their plumbing apprenticeships, and apprentice electrician Saul Fotheringham.

Celebrating 40 years in the building services industry, McGill is one of the most trusted names in the business, and in the local area among school leavers. Each year McGill receives a huge amount of applications from would-be apprentices, and this year has been no exception. The industry is experiencing a post-pandemic boom, and our apprentices are keen to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming their way. Said Jay, age 16, “I’m really excited to get started at McGill. It’s great to be out and working, learning on the job, as well as continuing my education.”

As the economy begins to recover from the pandemic period, McGill is busier than ever with contracts taking teams across the country, working on a variety of projects and programmes that utilise McGill’s all-trades capabilities.

Commercial Director Douglas Smith said, “McGill is absolutely ramping up now as we head into the summer months and we’re looking at a very busy 2021, and into 2022. Our apprentices are hugely important to us, both now, and for taking us into the future. We always need skilled employees, and these apprentices will be the next generation of McGill. It matters to the leadership team here that we’re giving back to the community, by offering not just well-paid work, but lifelong careers too.”

Operations Manager Kenny Muir comments, “Recruiting tradespeople is difficult for all building services companies right now as demand is incredibly high, but skilled employees don’t come from nowhere. At McGill we recognise the importance of investing in the future of the business and the community by offering apprenticeships, and this group are just the most recent to join the team. These young lads are at the very beginning of their careers, and we hope to see them become the business leaders of the future, taking McGill from strength to strength over the years to come.”