McGill is celebrating its latest win for the Fire and Security Division, with a four-year contract award from Clackmannanshire Council.

The contract, which is currently valued at £1.4 million, has a four year term and will involve refurbishment of common areas in housing owned by Clackmannanshire Council. A large part of the contract involves replacement of secure door entry systems, however McGill will also deliver a full refurbishment of common areas, including painting, as well as upgrades to internal and external electrics and lighting.

Led by Billy Robertson, the Fire and Security Team represents some of McGill’s longest-serving employees, who have been successfully delivering contracts to a range of housing association and council clients over the last few decades. While the division has many long-running contracts with existing clients including Angus Council and Fife Council, this is the first collaboration between McGill and Clackmannanshire Council. The contract is set to run until 2024.

Commercial Director Douglas Smith said,

“Head of Fire and Security Billy Robertson is doing absolutely sterling work leading the division, and the fact that we have won such a significant contract from a new client is a testament to the great work they do.

This contract win is a real team effort, with the Estimating Team linking up with the operational side of the business to make sure we’re delivering on time and on budget. This end-to-end customer experience really sets us apart from our competitors.

McGill is unique because it offers all-trades in-house; that’s why we’ve been able to win new clients and contracts, and expand into new regions such as Clackmannanshire too. We offer services that other contractors of our size just can’t.”

McGill offers a broad range of services across its four divisions: Contracts, Trades, Developments, and Eco. To find out more about McGill’s range of services, clients, and previous customer successes, click below to request our Capability Document.

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