McGill and Dundee’s Hot Chocolate Trust are working in partnership to deliver a ‘safe space’ for the city’s young people within the Steeple Church.

McGill, one of North East Scotland’s foremost main contractors, with more than four decades experience in complex all trades projects, has been working with the Hot Chocolate Trust, as well as other notable architects and experts, on bringing to life the charity’s vision for a ‘Home Fae Home’ for young people to life in the heart of the city.

The Hot Chocolate Trust is a youth work organisation based within the Steeple Church – the western part of the historic ‘City Churches’ building in Dundee. It works to support young people from across the city who have had challenging experiences in life which are a barrier to them achieving their full potential, such a homelessness, poor mental health, trauma in the home, and exclusion from school.

In recognition of the particularly acute impact that the Covid pandemic had on young people, the Hot Chocolate Trust has been working to collaboratively develop the Home Fae Home project, the aim of which is to create a safe space for young people within the existing steeple structure.

McGill has partnered with the charity itself, Director of architectural company kennedytwaddle Gary Kennedy, Designer and Educator Linsey McIntosh, and Paul Jenkins, founding partner of Create Engineering, in bringing the vision to life. With the remit of designing the road map which will transition the project from design through to completion, McGill is focused on delivering a sustainable and safe space for Dundee’s young people.

The project is due to begin later this year, with McGill working closely with the Hot Chocolate Trust, the young people, and the group of partners throughout.

McGill Chief Executive Officer Errol Lawrie, commented “McGill owes a great deal to the people of Dundee, as they’ve always shown real affection for the company since it was established in 1981. We’re extremely proud to play our part in this project, which will make a real difference in the lives of Dundee’s most vulnerable young people. The United Capital group holds community projects very close to its heart, and we’re delighted to follow last year’s work with junior football club Lochee United with this important project.”

CEO of United Capital Graeme Carling, added “Dundee is where it all began for McGill and for United Capital, so it feels great to be giving something back. Our ESG policies are centred around community initiatives which improve the lives of local people, and you can expect to see much more of this type of work from our group going forward.”