Making Dundee a Living Wage City – One year in

In March 2019 the action plan for making Dundee a Living Wage City was launched. With our help and a total of 70 accredited Living Wage employers throughout Dundee joining the initiative, the target for the first year has already been exceeded. There’s still another two years to go, but that’s some excellent progress so far.

We take the welfare of our team very seriously, and strongly believe that hard work deserves fair pay! Throughout the last year we have been able to grow our team and reward hard work with the Living Wage.

What is the Living Wage? The Living Wage is higher than the government’s statutory minimum wage and is based on the cost of living. We’re one of 6,000 Living Wage employers in the UK and last year Dundee was announced to become the first ‘Living Wage City’ in the UK. With growing the economy and reducing poverty being the City Council’s biggest strategic priorities, we’re proud to be working alongside other businesses in the area to make this a reality.

We’re excited to see the continued progress from our friends at the Living Wage Foundation over the next two years here in Dundee.