Health & Safety

Health and safety is embedded in our culture

A culture of health and safety is embedded across our whole organisation. With 40 years’ experience, we know that the safety of our colleagues and clients is paramount, and we put processes in place to make sure this commitment to safety never wavers.

Communication is critical

Led by the Core Management Team at McGill, health and safety has become firmly embedded in our culture, and informs how we do business every day. To instill a culture where health and safety is a business priority requires effective communication with every staff member, including subcontractors where applicable.

Communication comes in a number of forms: it is role modelled by business leaders and is visibly a priority throughout offices and building sites. We run regular forums with employee safety representatives and coordinate monthly H&S reviews, as well as holding regular team briefings and toolbox talks. Project and business leaders make sure that health and safety policies and procedures are shared with supervisors, operatives and sub-contractors during induction processes and at regular intervals throughout projects. Information is provided on noticeboards located at offices and sites, in the form of posters, booklets, and leaflets.


We understand the importance of training to the implementation of a health and safety culture. That’s why we have a structured training scheme which includes many aspects of health and safety. We regularly carry out in-house training days for staff on a variety of health and safety issues, and technical subjects. Manufacturers are also encouraged to provide training on their latest products for our service engineers in our bespoke training facility.

We conduct periodic internal audits to ensure that our ISO accredited health and safety management system:

  • Conforms to the requirements of the standard
  • Is being effectively implemented and maintained

Subcontractor compliance

Because we set high standards for ourselves when it comes to health and safety, we also expect the same from those in our network. For any project, subcontractors are vetted against a set of pre-qualification questions, including health and safety, quality, data protection and equal opportunities. They must demonstrate exemplary health, safety and environmental records, and hold the correct certification and accreditation and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

When you work with McGill, you can be sure that everyone shares the same commitment to health and safety. Getting your job done on time, on budget, and with health and safety as a priority, is our goal on any project.

Risk management

Carrying out a risk assessment is essential before any piece of work or project is started. Before work begins we identify the tasks that will be undertaken, and assess the risks involved at each stage. Starting with a physical inspection of the site, we assess the overall risk, then develop safe working systems, including assigning an Owner to each part of the work and providing all necessary PPE.

On every single project, we work hard to mitigate and reduce risks to make sure that we carry out all work as safely as possible, both for our own people and for our customers.

With our use of cloud-based technologies we also have access to fully approved and tested risk assessments from the database of Citation, our specialist advisors. This database gives our people easy access to best practice which can be quickly applied to ensure your projects comply fully with industry guidance and regulations. As the project continues the Site Supervisor will monitor the risk assessment on a daily basis. We have a culture of prevention and our staff will proactively identify, report and mitigate risk whilst on site.

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