Microwave Install, Windfarm Rothes II, MorayshirePoint to Point Wireless is ideal for high speed data communication where the laying of cables is not an option due to physical barriers or time constraints. 

Examples of where this technology would be of benefit include –

  • Wind Farms, where excavation is usually forbidden
  • Short term Links, can be removed and reused somewhere else
  • CCTV, Telephony, Data and Video
  • Very quick install Window, no need for digging permits etc
  • Linking one building to another


Microwave Install, Windfarm Rothes II, MorayshirePTP Wireless/Microwave is an ideal solution for anybody wanting high Speed Communications. 5.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz are non-Licensed frequencies with 5.8 Ghz being the most widely used.  

The benefits include:

  • Rapid Installation
  • High Reliability (99.99% Uptime)
  • No License or License Option*
  • Highly Secure (built in 256 AES)
  • Easy to move to another location
  • Low disruption during Installation/Removal
  • Up to 1 Gbps throughput
  • No monthly fee


* License Option

A license option can be used if you require a link in an area with heavy 5.8 Ghz or 5.4 Ghz traffic so there is no chance of interference. There would be a yearly fee for the licensed option. 


Case Studies

Case Study One

Fred Olsen has two wind farms in Morayshire within 20 miles of each other. They wanted a handheld radio system setup on both of their windfarms, but did not want the cost of putting two separate systems on each windfarm.

We set up a tetra system (handheld radios) on the main windfarm and used a licensed microwave link to connect to other windfarm, giving them complete coverage of both sites.


Case Study Two

Infinis wanted communications between their A'cruach and Galvachy Control Rooms however there was no line of sight. We installed a second mast which both sides could reach, in between the two control rooms and set up a dog leg connection. The site was too remote to get conventional power to the mast so solar panels were used instead.


Case Study Three

Fred Olsen in Cumnock wanted communications to their remote wind farm. We approached a local business, with the proposition of mounting a PTP link on their building (where they would get a yearly rent) and got BT to bring in a line for the PTP link to connect to, giving the wind farm 100Mbps.