Microwave Link, Pauls Hill, MorayshireLast Mile Wireless is ideal in situations where cost or geography make laying cables for high speed data communication prohibitive. 


Last Mile Wireless can be

  • Wireless/Microwave
  • Satellite Broadband



Cable digging is increasingly unpopular in cities, and regulated by local authorities who often restrict digging of roads to avoid disruption. Costs are often prohibitive, especially if a river or railway is in the way. Using the  the alternative of copper telephone lines only provides 2Mbps access per pair, which is too slow for users requesting Ethernet at 10/100Mbps. An additional benefit is equipment can be removed and used somewhere else, with comparative ease.


Satellite at Glenkerie BordesrSatellite Broadband

With Satellite, there's no need for underground or overhead cables for an internet connection. All that's needed is a satellite dish and modem that connects to the dish. This means it's never been easier to have access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

We supply and fit all the required equipment

  • Antenna
  • Wall Bracket for antenna
  • Modem
  • Cat5e Cabling
  • Set up of Satellite


Satellite broadband is an ideal solution for remote locations that cannot be reached by any other means - 

  • For those hard to reach places
  • You can get satellite coverage in 99% of Europe
  • Wide range of Data Options
  • Download Speeds of up to 22 Mbps
  • Monthly Fee



Case Studies 

Case Study One 

Infinis Glenkerie wind farm was so remote we had to use a Satellite connection to allow communications for monitoring and controlling the turbines and for general connectivity to the internet which was setup in hours.


Case Study Two 

We have installed several Links for East Lothian Council, which we also maintain.  

  • Libraries – for the community to get on the internet and for their IT systems
  • Academies – for the children and staff to access their servers and internet usage
  • Primary schools - for the children and staff to access their servers and internet usage
  • Various council offices – for government staff to access their network and internet activity
  • Musselburgh Racecourse – used for council staff to access council Network and on Race days, for the tote machines and gambling setup