Our team of highly specialised technicians design and install fibre optic solutions for various markets.

The main areas are - 

  • Fibre Optics Wind Farmgreen energy
  • building to building connections
  • (fibre to the business) solutions
  • fibre optic termination and testing services 

Wind Farms require us to supply and install specialist fibre cable, usually pre-ducted from the wind farm substation to the wind turbines which are set in arrays.

Fibre optic cables provide a pipeline to allow for the transmission of unlimited data and bandwith for controls, monitoring, CCTV, alarms, etc. 

We install the cable, design and post the proposed link budgets (how much data transfer can be expected from the data post install), then install the solution to the customers exacting fibre optic and bandwidth specifications.

The wind farm connections and designs also includes MET masts, LIDDORs, Comms mast, D-var systems as well as connecting the substation to the cloud for external shut down and remote control procedures. We have a secondary wireless division that allows us to connect wind farms to the cloud or other wind farms for future proofing and disaster recovery processes. 


Building to Building Services

We design a system to connect two or more buildings in terms of IT, data, voice, BEMS etc. When there are ducts in the ground owned by the customer we use fibre optic cable to connect these buildings together allowing the customer to have one set of information entering the building, this can then can be shared through all of the remaining buildings using the fibre network. When there are no ducts we design and install the duct system and again install fibre optics to complete the connection. If the duct system is not viable for any reason our wireless division will design and install a wireless version of the fibre install and removes the requirement for the ducting and cabling system. 


Fibre To The Business

Fibre To The Business allows us to connect any business to internet services. We have successfully connected offices, wind farms and water turbines to the cloud by designing and installing this system. This connection can be made through fibre optics or wireless or a mixture of both depending on the customers exacting requirements.

Our fibre optic termination and testing services allow companies to hire our division to simply terminate and test all the fibre optic cores they have to continually connect more and more systems. We have supplied this service to data centres, Vodafone, Orange and EE among many others. 

Our Fibre Optic team have successfully completed the fibre optic installation, termination and testing of over 250 wind farms and we have a following 12 already in the pipe line for the near future.

Our wireless division offers maintenance packages throughout the UK and are heavily present in installing wireless product for adding resilience to wind farms.



  • Fibre Optics Wind Farm
  • Fibre Optics Wind Farm
  • Fibre Optics Wind Farm
  • Fibre Optics Wind Farm
  • Fibre Optics Wind Farm
  • Fibre Optics Wind Farm
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