Case Studies

Improving the lives of 3,500 residents with The City of Edinburgh Council

McGill worked with The City of Edinburgh Council to upgrade 3,500 properties through contract works worth £43 million, improving the lives of residents across the city.

The opportunity

The City of Edinburgh Council needed to partner with facilities management companies to upgrade around 3,500 council properties around the city.

The needs of the Council were specific: like all councils they were under budgetary pressure, needed to meet stringent compliance standards, and had to make sure they embarked upon – and completed – the backlog of improvement works quickly, with a reliably skilled workforce.

With a track record of large-scale facilities management, McGill knew they could deliver this four-year project on budget and on time, using a combination of initiatives such as smart logistics, clustering of works, and effective supply chain management. As a bonus, with our strong focus on serving our communities, we knew we could add value to the local economy during the roll-out of the contract.

The deliverables

McGill were awarded three projects as part of CEC’s facilities management contract:

  • Rewiring, refits, and installation of smoke detectors to council properties
  • Refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms, including electrical, gas, decoration, tiling and replacement of showers
  • Door entry installations and upgrades to improve security and give residents access to concierge facilities