My McGill Story

Mandy Tait

Tenant Liaison Officer

What’s your current role, and what do you do day-to-day?

  • Call tenants to arrange works or surveys when it’s convenient for them
  • Liaise with client keep them updated on progress
  • Survey properties.
  • Keep accurate records, i.e. job dates, times, completions, certification and authorising for invoicing. I also complete a tenant satisfaction survey at the end of works
  • Deal with any complaints

How long have you been at McGill? How has your role progressed over the years?

I was with McGill from 2009-2019 until the company closed. Then, when United Capital acquired McGill in December 2019 I was brought back.

When I started there had never been a Tenant Liaison Office before, so I brought my experience to McGill. As we won more contracts we needed more TLOs, and I was promoted to Senior TLO. The job role is a lot more involved than people might think; we have to liaise with site operatives, customers, clients, and managers on a daily basis, as well as keeping the admin side of the job up to date.

Can you share your favourite things about being part of McGill? 

I love being with McGill, and enjoy the challenges that can occur when working in tenanted houses. There is not a day that’s the same as the one before, therefore it’s never monotonous.

One of my favourite projects was installing kitchens at Bowerswell Cottages for Caledonia Housing Associations. There were very elderly tenants, the oldest being 93, and between our team and the wardens we made sure that the tenants had facilities and lunches every day, and the fitters had the houses habitable at the end of every single day.

Euan Borland

Electrical Estimator

What’s your current role, and what do you do day-to-day?

I was employed as an Electrical Estimator however I price all types of work from all trades elements, to fire & security, to IT/Data & TV. There’s nothing we won’t look into pricing.

My day-to-day routine involves carrying out take-offs, site visits, sending out enquires, constructing estimates, then reviewing the tender bid for submission with our Operations & Managing Director, liaising with main contractors, housing association, private clients & councils.

How long have you been at McGill? How has your role progressed over the years?

I started out as a Labourer with McGill & Co Ltd back in 2011 before starting my electrical apprenticeship in 2012. I moved from the tools into the office in 2015 as a trainee electrical estimator (while completing the final year of my apprenticeship). I completed my traineeship in 2018. With the demise of McGill & Co Ltd in early 2019 I moved to WGM Engineering, where I worked as a MEICA Estimator before returning to McGill Scotland Ltd in May 2019. So my association with the McGill name has been for the best part of 9 years.

Can you share your favourite things about being part of McGill? 

My favourite thing about McGill is you don’t know what you are going to get on a daily basis. One minute you are pricing an all trades project in Glasgow, the next you’re pricing Door Entry Systems up Peterhead. The variety of works is endless. You don’t get bogged down and fed up as every day is a different.

The directors and managers have backed me since day one which is a great feeling. They have supported me while doing Open University courses to better myself, while spending their own time teaching me there is more to the estimating game than just electrical works.

The drive/motivation from the directors filters down to the staff and I feel that’s what has made McGill a success. When I started back at McGill Scotland it was an eye opener. The volume of work involved and the long hours spent building the company to what it is today is a great achievement for all that were involved.

The team here are very close, with everyone willing to go the extra mile to help one another, even if it isn’t their specialist area of work. Hopefully once CV-19 is over and the construction industry starts to pick up everyone will see McGill at its full potential once again.