Acquisition anniversary

It’s been a whole year since we bought McGill, so what better way to celebrate our anniversary than a walk down memory lane and a little party!

This time last year, our new owner Graeme was all on his tod in the McGill building. Today that same building has a completely different name, and you can barely turn a corner without bumping into a friendly face!

But how did we get here? Well, firstly we had to save some of the contracts that had been won by McGill & Co. and subsequently lost when they entered administration. We identified the contracts that we wanted to secure and worked quickly to push the business forward.

Who’s we? At this point what we needed was a bunch of guys who know business. So our Board of Directors was created with a mixture of industry experts and business brains, fully equipped to get the business into ship shape.

With Graeme’s successful background investing in property, we set about reviving McGill Homes, which would specialise in transforming commercial properties into residential units. In May when the opportunity came to buy the former Department for Work and Pensions building on Dock Street, we couldn’t pass by the opportunity to get involved in regenerating Dundee’s waterfront with some residential flats.

Now for the guys on the tools. We only employ the best people for the job, so to allow them to do their best work we became accredited Living Wage employers. We wanted to make sure the team here at McGill are focussed on the job at hand rather than worrying about paying their bills! After all, a hard day’s work deserves a solid day’s pay.

With our people taken care of, and the business going from strength to strength, particularly with contracts in the Glasgow region. We decided to open a Glasgow office in August, which turned out to be perfect timing given that later that month we were thrilled to find out that we won the £2.6million Glasgow-based renovation contract.

There was plenty of work to keep us busy, and in September First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, came to meet our re-employed team for a cuppa and to see the work we were carrying out in Glasgow. Back in Dundee, there was a new addition to the Board with Silvie appointed as HR Director in October. The Board was complete in the nick of time for us to welcome Alliance Electrical to our shared workspace in December, after being acquired by our now joint owner Graeme.

The contracts continued to roll in, so in January we appointed Douglas Thomson as our Managing Director. With the business continuing to grow and re-establish itself, we needed an industry expert to head things up and get us through the next phase of growth.

Not too bad in just a year, we’re excited to see what the next holds – cheers!