McGill have been appointed to Dundee City Council’s Heating, Kitchen and Bathroom Replacement Framework worth £18m over three years. 
McGill are one of two contractors selected for the project from
a two stage tendering process. New heating, kitchens and bathrooms will be installed in 4,300 council properties across the city in order to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards by 2015.
McGill were appointed to the framework due to their wide experience of refurbishment projects and the Council was impressed by their commitment and attitude towards quality and continuous improvement.
The framework commenced in April 2012 with works to 127 properties in the Longhaugh, Byron Street and Sandeman Street areas. Works already allocated for the first 12 months of the framework include -
  • Wester Clepington - 130 properties. Due for completion by February 2013, £591k
  • Lawton Road Sheltered Tenements – 48 properties. Due for completion by November 2013, £258k
  • Baluniefi eld Sheltered Housing – 90 properties. Due for completion by February 2013, £687k
  • Tullideph Road Tenements - 80 properties. Due for completion by February 2013, £422k
  • Dudhope MSD and Walk Ups – 121 properties. Due for completion by August 2013, £639k 
As part of the Framework we participate in meetings with the Project Board for this contract which meets on a monthly basis and tenants form a significant part of this project group. They have input into choices of installations in the building.
Their assistance has been invaluable in getting messages across to other tenants in the building and championing causes such as encouraging tenants to be proactive in giving us access to their property. Their view point and input as tenants is also important in helping resolve issues in a way that mutually benefits the tenants as well as the Client and the Contractor.
The tenants have their own Tenant Federation Group and senior members of our management team attend these meetings. They discuss general issues affecting the tenants of the buildings, progress and satisfaction levels as well as any issues affecting the residents as a result of the work. Their feedback is of great value in helping us understand the needs of the tenants and helping us to tailor and improve our service to meet these needs.
As part of this Group we are working with them and advising them on how to use their Community Legacy Fund of £40k to convert an old storage cellar into a community lounge that can be enjoyed by all the

Key features:

  • Framework project
  • Installation of new kitchens, bathrooms & central eating
  • over 3 years
  • Decoration works
  • Adhoc houses requiring emergency works are included where the workforce must be mobilised quickly
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Key Facts

Client: Dundee City Council
Contract Value: £18m
Principal Contractor: McGill
Project Duration: 3 Years


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