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McGill is committed to community regeneration in Glasgow’s Govanhill

McGill is continuing its commitment to community regeneration in Glasgow’s Govanhill and Merrylee neighbourhoods, through its ongoing partnership with Govanhill Housing Association.

Govanhill has historically been a popular area for people coming to Scotland, and Glasgow in particular, for well over one hundred years. It has a wealth of tenement housing built around the turn of 20thcentury, as well as some interwar properties. It’s also the most ethnically diverse neighbourhood in Scotland.

As families moved out to the Glasgow suburbs, neighbourhoods such as Govanhill and Merrylee were left to landlords who had no financial will to maintain the properties, resulting in slum conditions for many tenants.

In the 1970s a number of housing associations were formed by community groups, including Govanhill Housing Association. The association has since built more than 200 homes, and has invested more than £40 million to major repairs and planned maintenance in the last two decades.2010 brought community ownership to more than 700 ex-council homes in Govanhill and Merrylee, following successful tenant ballots.The housing association currently managesmore than 2,600 homes for social rent and providesa factoring service to a further 1,500 owners.