About us

McGill is a trusted and respected main contractor, which has been serving customers across Scotland for 40 years

Since 1981, we at McGill have been there for our customers. We do it all, from building or refurbishing prestigious homes, to commercial fit-outs and facilities management, to carrying out large-scale public sector contracts from end to end.

We offer expertise in a wide range of services including joinery, plumbing, mechanical and electrical, heating, fire and security, and many more.  Our all trades-approach means we’re ready to deliver large-scale projects, such as construction, building services, and commercial fit-outs, as well as bespoke projects. Should we need it, our large network of subcontractors throughout the industry helps us deliver every project on time and on budget.

Our workforce is highly skilled, and can be trusted to get the job done right, first time, wherever possible. With our ethos of regular training and upskilling, as well as our rigorous and respected apprenticeship scheme, you can be sure that McGill will always deliver quality work.

We have a strong company culture that’s based around four things:

  • Health and safety: Our number one priority. You can be sure that every project is properly risk assessed and carried out in the safest way possible.
  • Quality management: We constantly monitor and report on the quality of the work we carry out, helping us to continuously improve.
  • Environmental policy: Every team member at McGill is focused on waste minimisation and management, and recycling and reusing materials wherever they can.
  • Community: We’re a Scottish company rooted in Dundee, and we make it a priority to do good in our community, making a real difference where it counts.

We’re proud to still be serving Scotland after 40 years. To learn more about how we operate, click below to find out more about our health and safety ethos, our commitment to quality management, our environmental policy, or our love of community and fundraising. Or contact us today to get started on your next project.