What is HMO Licencing?

A House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is any house or flat where three or more unrelated adults share. A large proportion of HMO properties are made up of student accommodation.  

It is a statistical fact that HMO accommodation is much more likely to be the subject of fire or gas safety incidents than single family homes so it is essential that such accommodation is regulated to ensure they are healthy and safe places to live.

Since 1 October 2003, properties housing three or more unrelated individuals require a licence. HMO’s that do not meet minimum standards will not receive a licence and it is an offence to operate without one.

The licence needs to be renewed every three years and there is a fee to be paid. There are two parts to the licence – the completion of an application form and subsequent inspections to be carried out by the relevant Body, such as the local fire department.