Principal Contractor

Working as Principal Contractor in Whole House Refurbishment in the Social Housing Market

As Principal Contractor we provide all trades and Management ensuring that all trades are coordinated properly, they work efficiently together to ensure our clients receive a first class service.

We install heating, kitchens and bathrooms and carry out decoration on completion, turning properties round in ten working days without compromising quality, service and with the minimum of disruption to the Tenants.

When installing Kitchens and Bathrooms only, we generally complete the bulk of the work in two-three days, ensuring that the property is completed in five working days.

We also work as a Partnering Contractor with our many clients, ensuring that all parties involved in projects share information and learn from each other for the greater success of each contract. Our staff sit on many working groups and project boards to assist our clients in their overall Project Management.

We have signed up to Dundee City Councils “Code of Conduct” and this is passed on to our entire workforce through “tool box talks”.

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