Infrared ImagingProtecting Your Investment

Our electrical preventative maintenance programmes are designed to reduce the risk from electrical fires due to lack of maintenance or proper electrical testing, minimise the potential for business interruptions due to electrical distribution equipment failure, and increase your energy efficiency by reducing your operating costs and extending the life of your electrical components and switchgear.

We provide our clients with programmes to meet their specific needs, centred on performing electrical testing to determine the condition of 400v / 220v electrical switchgear, cable wiring and connected equipment.

The preventative maintenance programme is designed to encompass standard fixed wire testing while utilising the latest technologies in performing infra-red thermography and ultrasonic testing of electrical switchgear components.

The service offered further includes the potential to install Power Quality Metering to monitor and understand energy usage within the Client’s facility, with this information we offer clients solutions to reducing their carbon footprint, extending the life of the electrical equipment within their facility and increasing their energy efficiency.

We utilise bespoke software packages to provide tailored conditional reports to our Clients detailing observations and recommendations for actions to be taken to increase safety .

The type of tests we perform include –

  • Detailed conditional reporting with covers on
  • Detailed conditional reporting with covers off
  • Electrical Dead Testing
    • Protective conductors continuity
    • Bonding conductors continuity
    • Ring circuit continuity
    • Insulation resistance
    • Polarity
  • Electrical Live Testing
    • Earth fault loop impedance
    • RCD testing
    • Perspective fault current
  • Ultrasonic Service
    • Measure and record sound waves to determine tracking and arcing deterioration within the electrical distribution system
  • Infra Red Thermography
    • Measure and record heat within the electrical distribution system
  • Power Factor Capacitor Maintenance
    • Carry out maintenance on existing power factor units to determine condition of  capacitors

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Reduce business interruption costs
  • Reduce fire risk
  • Reduce maintenance repair costs
  • Strengthen existing maintenance
  • Strengthen Health & Safety Plan
  • Comply with the Electricity at Work Act

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • Extend equipment life
  • Increase your energy efficiency